How to Stop Taking Blurry Pictures

Photography is not a science so learning it won’t take you anywhere except giving you the basic knowledge of it. However, if you have the innate ability to be a photographer you will find a way to perfect yourself in every prospect. It is good to start with a meagre camera that doesn’t have a good quality lens so that you can learn to perfect yourself in difficult conditions and then you can easily command your DSLR to take magnificent pictures. However, during the starting days, it is difficult to take classy pictures; blurry pictures are the order of the day at the start.


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    Hold the camera in a way that you aren’t putting any sort of pressure on it. It is not recommended to hold a camera tightly that will make you shiver during the click. Hold it loosely like you handle a steering of a vehicle. You need to rotate it sometimes to take pictures at angles so holding it tight won’t take you anywhere except some blurry pictures at the end of the photography session.

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    Close one eye while focusing a picture. Open the eye that is seeing through the camera and close the other one. If both are eyes during the picture is being focused then it will just not let you focus well and you will end up with a blurry picture at your disposal.

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    Focus the picture as much as it is required and see if the pixels can handle the amount of focus applied on the picture. You don’t have to focus the picture if it is already properly fitted in.

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    Never zoom in unless it is required the do so. The best picture will come out without a zoom and the picture will get blur with the number of zoom that you apply to the camera settings.

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    Keep your hand straight while clicking a picture. A little shiver of hand during the click can shake the image and make it blur. Try to keep it still and you can do that by holding it a bit loose. If you will hold it too tightly, the click will push down the camera and the entire focus will be out.

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