How to Start a Book Collection

In the current age of digital development, many people all over the world still love book reading and they also try to collect books that appeal them. Book collection is something very satisfying for those who consider books as a part of their life and spend a considerable part of their day in reading. Many people read books of their favourite topics while going to different libraries and many try to purchase the new arrivals of their favourite authors. However, there are many book readers who love to collect those books which fascinate them either because of the topic or the author.

To start a book collection, you need to determine many things which will help you in doing this task easily. Many people invest money in collecting books but always fail to get desired results and end up in making a poor collection. You should always look for books on those topics that fascinate you and always search for best writers in the field. Getting a good collection of good books should be your target. If you do not know how you can start a book collection then you can take guidance from this post which will make it easy for you.


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    First of all, you should determine which type of books you want to collect. Many people look for topics and many give preference to the author. If you are looking for a particular author, then you should try to get all of his or her books into your collection.

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    If you do not have enough money to buy the whole work of an author, then you should buy his or her most famous books.

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    You can visit different websites on internet which will help you to know the details of the work of all authors. Make a list of your desired authors and their works and buy these books from the book store of your area.

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    Along with book stores, try to find other sources where you can get your desired books. You can visit different libraries that sell books in order to accommodate new arrivals.

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    You should also search for book auctions as many libraries and private individuals sell their collection on discounted prices.

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    You should spare enough space for book shelves in a separate room and give a proper look of a study room. Try to organise books in shelves and make sure their titles are visible making it easy to find any book.

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