How to Compose Landscape Photographs

Landscape photography is the art of capturing man-made or natural locations. It is used to capture the beauty of nature into two-dimensional art of photography. With the help of digital cameras, you can easily capture landscape photographs. You are required to know about the basics of how to take a picture and you should have a photographic eye. It seems an easy job as you take picture of a static object instead of a moving person. Similarly a river stays in its place unlike birds or animals. You will have time to capture multiple shots and even come the next day for the snap. However, they are most difficult to capture effectively.

Things Required:

– Digital Camera
– Tripod
– Polarizing filter
– Neutral density filter


  • 1

    Use a tripod

    You need to use a tripod in order to improve stability of your camera. By this you can take sharp images. This procedure is very important if you want to enlarge your photograph as blurry images will become more evident in blown-up prints. Remember that many professional photographers use tripod instead of holding by hands before taking pictures.

  • 2

    Orientation of the photo

    You need to determine whether to take photograph horizontally or vertically. You may think that you can only take horizontal pictures of landscapes. However, this is not the case as sometime vertical pictures look better. Vertical photos are most commonly taken when focusing on a subject such as the tree or when showing the height of a building.

  • 3

    Illustrate depth and dimension in a photo

    You should add a foreground, middle ground and background in order to reflect dimension or depth in a photo. Remember that a foreground represents seashells, rocks and other things which are present in front. The Middle ground refers to the main subject and the background represents trees, clouds and buildings.

  • 4


    You need to pick right lens for taking the perfect photo. You can use different types of filters for example you can use polarizing filter to enhance clouds in the sky. Besides this you can use a neutral density filter in order to balance the light in a picture. This filter has two sides which are dark half and a light half. In case the sky is featuring in a picture which is too bright. You can set dark half on that portion in order to balance the light.

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