How to Make a Garland With Scrap Fabrics

Making a garland out of scrap fabrics lying around you is a very easy and rewarding job. You can use the garland as decoration on occasions or as permanent decor around the house. All you need is fabric pieces and a twine to tie them on to make a garland you can put  around the walls, on the dressing tables, on the Christmas tree and anywhere else you want.  You can also make good use of the color scheme, red and green for Christmas, yellow , orange and black for Halloween and red for valentines. Bring the creativity out and set to work. Our step by step guide has both the methods and the essential tips below for your help.

Things you need: scrap fabric pieces, scissors or rotary cutters, long twine or ribbon


  • 1

    Choose a fabric of a length and color that you want. Cut pieces out of it of equal lengths so that a regular look is achieved. However, you can use unequal pieces if you want the rough look. You can even sew the ends to get a neat look, or leave them like that to have a frayed one.

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    Take a long twine or ribbon. Start tying the fabric pieces on the twine using knots. Do not make tight knots because you have to slide the fabric on the twine to make space for more.

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    Keep doing this until you get the length of garland that you want. Tie a knot on the end of the twine and leave a loop so that you can tie it using this.

  • 4

    Your garland is all ready. Hang it any where you want, even in loops. Make loads of them using scrap fabrics around the house and experiment with both color and design. This is also an example of recycling stuff if you are the resource conservationist type.

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