Healthy Banana Breakfast Ideas

A banana is one of the most health friendly foods that is available. It has many important nutrients and has vitamins as well. Incorporating it in our diet is useful and can benefit us in many ways. It is one of the favourite fruits to eat in breakfast as well.

With so many health issues, it is certainly a very good idea. There are many healthy ways that it can be used a part of a nutritious breakfast. Use a bit of imagination and you will be coming up with some interesting ideas.


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    Just Banana

    You do not need to do much other than peeling off the skin and eating it whichever way you prefer it. Eating it raw is an excellent idea for all fruits and a banana is no different. You can also cut it and eat it with a spoon or a fork. Some people just like to mash it up before they consume it. Whatever you do is a matter of personal choice.

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    Banana smoothies are easy to make, have lots of energy and taste. All you need is a banana, some milk and ice, sugar if you prefer and a smoothie maker to blend everything in. You can add other fruits such as peach, strawberries and apples as well if you want to make the smoothie taste different and be rich in nutrition. You can just sip it down little by little on its own or it can be your cold beverage along with other breakfast items.

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    You can also use banana in a fruit salad. You can use a bit of mayo and have apples and pineapples with banana. Mix them all well and have a delightful and energetic yet healthy fruit salad. You can add some nuts such as almonds, pecans and walnuts to make it even better.

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    Cereals are generally healthy and provide you with good nutrition. You can add some dry fruits and banana to them to increase the nutritional value. This will also give you a feeling of fulfilment and you will not be tempted to eat unhealthy stuff during the day. This will definitely add flavour to the cereal and using sugar to sweeten it will not be necessary.

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