Healthy Office Lunch Box Ideas

Bringing packed lunch boxes to your office is not only healthy for you but also economical. You will save up money as you do not have to go to restaurants. Also you can consume a diet according to your desires i.e. in case you are on a diet, you can bring in low calories food. In addition to this, you can bring some sweet thing as well for your dessert and all of this with only few bucks. You can even bring the food you stored last night to office which will further reduce the cost and fill up your stomach with a healthy and hygienic diet.


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    Lunch box

    You need to get a lunch box which is large enough to carry the food you want. Get one with different compartments in each so you can carry variety of food to your office. Buy plastic containers as they are easy to carry and in case it falls in the kitchen by you or anyone, it won’t break.

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    Plan ahead

    You need to plan a day before what you want to take to your office. This is because in morning you must be getting late for work and don’t have time to decide what to pack or what to take. Planning ahead what snacks or meals you want to take with you.

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    Sandwiches are one of the best food items to pack in your lunch box. You should try different breads and fill with variety of materials to bring different sandwiches each day. Fill the sandwiches with beef, chicken, jam, cheese or any other filling material which you desire. Remember to wrap the sandwich with plastic before placing in the lunch box. In case you are on a diet, you can fill with grilled chicken and use brown bread.

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    Cereals and breads

    You can bring whole-wheat, buns, healthy breads or even whole-wheat biscuits to your office. In addition to this, flavoured rice cakes, baked potatoes and cooked corn on the cob are good choices.

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    Fruit and vegetables

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are also great option to pack in your lunch box. You can place apples, bananas, plums, peaches carrots, lettuce etc. You can bring salads of different fresh vegetables for better taste.

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    You can always bring leftovers for your lunch to your office. You should make extra dinner for this purpose. Remember to freeze the dinner so it won’t rot the next day.

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