How Do I Get a Restraining Order

A restraining order is usually taken against a person who is bullying, harassing or bothering you in anyway. Depending upon the extent of difficulty that a person has faced, the law defines the range of a restraining order. For example, if a person is bothered to the extent of being fearful then the court or police may approve a restraining order of 500 yards. However, if the person does not feel that threatened then a restraining order of 100 or 50 yards may be implemented. If you want to get a restraining order then follow these guidelines to help protect you and your loved ones.


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    Call police for immediate assistance

    If you are currently in trouble and you get a chance to reach a phone, it is strongly recommended that you should dial 911 for immediate police assistance. If you have received a threat from someone over the phone or internet, then you must not waste time and call the authorities for help. Similarly, if you have been threatened by someone publicly, then you should also call the police. The first thing that police officers do is take a report and ask if you will want to file charges against the person that is harassing or bothering you.

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    Go to violence shelter

    You can also reach talk to your local violence shelter for some assistance. They are in a good position to give you the proper guidance on how to proceed with getting a restraining order. Undoubtedly, a violence shelter comes in really handy as they will look after you and your children until the matter can be resolved.

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    Visit the police station

    You can also visit your nearest police station and ask them about how to get a restraining order against someone. Most probably, they will ask you the reason for pressing charges against someone and hand over the necessary documents accordingly. It is important that you should not hide any of the details and do not lie to the police as this can be turned against you later.

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    Contact family court

    You can also contact your local family court and ask about the process of obtaining a restraining order.

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    Complete the documentation and submit it

    Now, you should fill out the papers carefully and submit it with the court clerk. You will be given a date that you have to appear in front of a judge to get a restraining order.

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