How to Send Holiday Cards Electronically

If you are late this year in sending Christmas cards to your friends and family members, then you should know that you still can send them in a quick and easy way, while saving your money. Yes, you can even send them a night before the holiday, if you own a computer and it is connected to the internet. There are a number of websites available online, which allow their users to send the holiday cards electronically. So, you can search for such websites and send the holiday cards to your loved ones.


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    Go to your favourite search engine and search for websites that offer electronic holiday cards. You will find a number of websites that offer free services to send holiday cards.

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    Evaluate different websites by checking the quality of cards available. Choose the one which offers easy to navigate and high quality cards. Some websites will just ask you for your message which you want to add to the card, while some others will also allow you to upload a specific image which you want to add to the card.

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    Once you are done with selecting a template of your choice, you can add your personal message by entering the text in the “Message” field. If you are allowed to add personalised image, then you can locate the “Browse” or “Upload picture” button and locate the image file in your computer.

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    The website will also ask you about the recipient’s name and email address. Enter the complete and right information. Moreover, you will also have to enter your name and email address, in the sender’s section.

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    Once you entered all the necessary information, you can click the “Preview Card” button, to check how your card will appear with the text and image that you entered. If you feel satisfied with the card, you can click the “Send Card” button to send the card electronically to your loved one.

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    If you do not feel comfortable with giving out your email address to a third party holiday card website, then you can use different image editing software programs, which offer templates to create cards. Adobe Pagemaker is one such software which allows its users to create cards in just few clicks.

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    Create a new project in Pagemaker and select “Cards” from the templates section. Edit the text and image and save the file by selecting “Save As” option from the “File” menu. You can then send the card in image format, by attaching it with an email message.

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