How to Report CD Pirating

The practice of CD pirating has made possible by CD writing softwares, and this type of illegal selling of music, films and software is very common in the world. In the United States of America (USA), and also in all other countries, CD pirating is a crime that is punishable through jail term and hefty fine. There are specialized agencies tackling CD pirating, although regular law enforcement agencies also track down the people selling pirated CDs. The crime can be reported to different government agencies.


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    Make sure you have enough information about an ongoing racket of selling pirated copies of CDs in your neighborhood or in your local market. One way is to buy a CD yourself and then investigate how people copy them and have been selling in local area without being noticed by the local law enforcement agencies.

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    Contact the US Federal Department of Justice, if you are in the US, or any other local agencies that specializes in investigation and tackling of software piracy and other copy right violations, and report the crime.

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    You should not report to the police in first stance because reporting the crime to a specialized agency can help them investigate the crime more thoroughly and they might be able to find more aspect of this crime, which you might not be aware of. For example, sometimes people use women to sell such CDs and the police might not be able to detect that part of the crime.

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    If you are not able to find any other agency contact details or simply do not know where to report the CD pirating crime, simply report it to your local police station. The police can either look into the crime themselves or pass on the information to the relevant agency for more investigation into it.

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    You can also find address of different industrial associations on the internet no matter in what part of the world you are, and you can report the crime safely to them. They have links with specialized agency can share information about the crime with them. The industry is part of the global effort to tackle piracy crime, and they find it very helpful if people share information with them about such a crime.

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    Try not to share information with anyone until you inform the police or any other relevant agency about the crime. Also make sure you give priority to your safety and do not expose yourself to these people directly.

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