How to Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption

In areas with risk of a volcanic eruption, it is very much necessary that you prepare in advance for any such incidents. Advance preparation and anticipation of the event prevents panic and keeps you in your senses. You might even be asked to evacuate in case of a serious disaster and you have to be ready with that, both mentally and with the most necessary things that you need. Our step by step guide has the basic and most important information you need to do when confronted with a situation like this. However, the list by no means is complete and you will have to take all precautions according to your personal and local needs for a safe transition through this period.


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    Get the safety kits ready:

    Make small portable kits for the family members with the most important things. The bag may include:

    - goggles (protection from ash)
    - breathing mask
    - medicines
    - first aid kid
    - battery operated torch
    - important documents like identity cards, passport and property documents.

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    Contact authorities:

    Discuss with the local authorities the rescue and evacuation plans so that you are in tune with them. Keep a battery radio with you for evacuation details. Contact the school authorities of your children and know their plans in case there is any disaster during school timings. Fill up the gas tank of your car so that you can safely travel a distance away from the disaster struck area. You should also contact a friend or relative who lives out of the effected area for temporary residence.

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    When staying:

    If your local authorities believe it is safe to stay in your area even with the volcanic eruption, you should still take some protective measures.

    - Cover everything up indoors, including yourself, family and the pets. Close the doors and windows shut. Do this when the eruption is in the critical stages.

    - If you are outdoors when it happens or have to go out, wear full clothes, goggles and a mask to keep yourself safe.

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