How to Identify a Category Five Hurricane

A tropical cyclone that has a wind force of 12 (Beaufort scale) and above 118 km/h is also referred to as a hurricane. Each hurricane is ranked between 1 to 5, based on the extent of damage and destruction. This ranking is allotted to a hurricane on the basis of its speed and intensity where 1 is the lowest and 5 being the highest. Therefore, in order to identify a category 5 hurricane, you would have to keep several things in mind and evaluate the hurricane on the basis of those factors.


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    Note the hurricane wind speed

    The weather forecasts department alerts the people of the to-be affected areas in advance so that they can take precautionary measures. In this regard, they often forecast the intensity(wind speed) of the hurricane; and that is something which has to noted down.

    Remember that category five hurricanes have a wind speed of over 155 mph. This  is determined by measuring the speed on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale.

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    Identify the water damage

    After you have identified the wind speed, you must make efforts to determine the water damage that is caused  by the hurricane.

    A category five hurricane causes extreme destruction to the buildings which are located within 15 yards of coastline and have a height of less than 15ft above the sea level. In addition to that, the low lying roads are severely damaged by the category five hurricane; water engulfs these roads at least 3 hours before the arrival of hurricane.

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    Note the extent of wind damage

    You must closely look at the damage done by the hurricane as this will play a determinal role in classifying the hurricane to its appropriate category.

    Wind in a category five hurricane can easily demolish the low level buildings and mobile homes. The large buildings also suffer extreme destructions but the damage is relatively low as compared to small buildings.

    In addition to that, roofs of commercial buildings and residential areas experience failure. It does not matter if the building is small or large, the windows and doors of the buildings suffer extreme damage. At times, the billboards and trees are also damaged by a category five hurricane.

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