Sell your Digital Services Online

Do you possess a skill(s) which is in high demand universally and want to market it on a global level, rather than just benefiting your employer at a regular 9-5 job?

Are you an online digital service provider looking to enhance your customer base?

If yes, then this article has just the solution you need.

Before starting off as to how you can expand your portfolio and clientele, let us first define digital services.

Any service which only requires a vendor to create provide virtual solutions online is called a digital service. There are many types of services which can be stapled to this category. For example, you can offer your services in content writing, translation, video and animations, graphic and designing, map and blueprint creation, software services, advertisement and marketing and list just goes on.

While selling your service, the one thing which you should always remember is that you are the product. Once you vouch for a service, you are basically selling your time to deliver a result within a fixed time interval. There is no room of slackness – one wrong move and your whole reputation will come down falling like a pack of dominoes. Also, be specific about what you are offering.

There are many ways through which you can sell your digital services online.


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    The first step in selling your digital service is to have an online footprint in the form of a website, blog or a fan page on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Entrepreneur Connect, PartnerUp, StartupNation, and Biznik etc. This will allow you to have a home base from where you can start establishing an audience and a place where your prospective customers can land to get a preview of what is on offer.

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    Market your services on the digital marketplace of The marketplace on this website does not only support services, but also digital goods, providing you a unique chance of marketing you goods complementing the services you are offering. There are three simple steps in which you can sell your service in You simply have to login, create a sales page in which you pitch your services and set the price. The trick here is to set higher commission rates for the affiliates, so as to increase your sales and enhance your reputation.

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    There are many other reputable websites like, and FiverUp etc where you can sell your gigs.

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    Create a mailing list, whether you are running a blog or a website. This will allow you continuously apprise your customers about the latest services you are offering.

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