How to Set Up a Croquet Court

Setting up a croquet court is quite difficult but with the right information and proper sketch, you can set up a croquet court. Croquet basically is a game played with large wooden balls and at the same time you need a large area as well. During the game, you hit the balls through. This game was first introduced in 1860. It has a long history and still is very famous in England. It also takes little time and is considered very interesting game. To set a croquet court, you need to get proper information and guidelines.


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    Selecting the area

    This game is played on 100 feet field (30.48 meters) long by 50 feet and wide 84 feet. Select an area with vast ground. You can also rent out a ground according to your needs. If you decide to use a public park then you will probably have to get permission from the authorities first.

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    Placing wickets in pattern

    Now drive a stake into the ground as it will help you place all the wickets in a pattern. Be sure to follow a set pattern that is planned for in advance.

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    Centre stake toward the end of the field

    Placing centre stake toward the end of field is also a very good idea. The northbound should be 21 feet and 6.4 meters long. It will give you vertical orientation of the field.

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    Turning back toward the centre stake

    Turning back toward the centre stake of the field will give you better look of the ground. Walk little south from 21 feet and place the wicket. Then stand the other wicket diagonally in the southeast direction and place it.

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    Forming a wicket triangle

    Forming a wicket triangle at 21 feet distance, repeat the triangle pattern on the north end of the court. Walking back to the wicket, you will see prepared southern vertical end of the court as well.

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    Choosing teams

    In the game of croquet, 2, 3 players play in each team. Every player will get one chance to hit the ball as well. Extra point or bonus points are given to players who hit existing balls or make a move through the wicket. Instructions on playing can be found online as well as other rules and regulations that must be followed.

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    Giving each player a mallet

    Mallets should be shared among all players before you start playing. Finding croquet equipment should not be difficult as you can go either online or to your nearest sporting goods store. You will find a decent selection of croquet equipment to choose from.

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