How to Join a Moose Lodge

The Loyal Order of Moose is an organization that works for the betterment of the society and dedicates its work to serve humanity. It is a non-political and a non-sectarian organization. There are about 2,000 Moose lodges in North America and you need to follow a set of guidelines to join any one of them. The symbol of the Moose has been chosen because the Moose lives peacefully despite its strength and is not a predator. The main purpose of the society is to educate and house children that are in need.


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    Requirements to join the organization

    The basic requirement for joining a Moose lodge is that you should be above the age of 21. If you are younger than the required age, you cannot be registered with the organization. There were requirements that you needed to be a Caucasian to join, but that has been changed.

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    Religious belief

    Any person who wants to join the organization should have belief in any religion. Being a Christian is not necessary and it is a common misconception many people have. You can be a follower of any religion, but having a set of beliefs is important.

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    Social work

    You must be willing to work for the betterment of the society. The main purpose of the organization is to work for the aid of children and people in the world. You should know that you will have to pledge yourself to work for the organization and you should show your loyalty in this regard.

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    Ask for a reference

    A better way to join the organization would be to search for a reference from your friends and family. A referee, who is already a Moose, will help in guiding you about the tasks and responsibilities.

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    Convince a Moose to sponsor you

    You will need a Moose to sponsor you if you want to join the organization. Ask the referee to sponsor you as a member in his Moose lodge.

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