How to Get Notification of Prisoner’s Release Date

Whenever a prisoner is confined, details about his or her sentence is public information. On the other hand, if you know the prisoner’s name and are aware of the city and state he or she is held in, you can search for them with ease. However, if the inmate is located in a federal prison, the United States Justice Department will help make your search a lot easier. You can find out about the release date for any inmate with some research but you need to know how the system works. There are several ways to get notification of a prisoner’s release date.


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    Getting started

    The first step is to locate the city and state the prisoner is confined in. Go to a specific site that will let you to do a search for prisoners. Examples of the sites that will allow you to do this search are,, and Make sure you know that the site is the official site for the United States Justice Department. In addition, if the prisoner is incarcerated in a federal prison, they can simply be searched through this particular website. Try not to visit the illegal sites as that will get you into trouble with the concerned authorities.

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    Details about the inmate

    After that, provide the prisoner’s first and last name on the site. Moreover, you can enter the inmate’s race, age and gender to trim down your search results. Go to the Correction Connections site to get links to state correction agencies. Move your mouse to the Resources link and press the Links button from the drop down menu. Then press the Correctional Facilities option and select the particular department of facility or prison from the given list. Check for a link to inmate details on the site. However, if you cannot find it then call the corrections official to ask his release date. Analyse the results to find out the prisoner’s expected release date. This will mention the inmate’s registration number that will prove his/her identification. It will also mention the name of the fraternity in which the prisoner is being held.

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    Release date

    See the prisoner’s release date one more time a month before the expected release date. The recheck should be done as the prisoner’s release date is subject to change by court orders or some other factors as well. Check his/her release date periodically.

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