How to Detect Paranormal Activity

Do you find yourself the victim of odd, inexplicable occurrences that are growing increasingly troubling? While in most cases there is a logical explanation behind everything, some incidents and experiences cannot be understood through reason, and are very likely the results of paranormal activity in an area. If you feel you are the victim of a haunting, there are various steps you can take to investigate the phenomenon.

Things Required:

– A note pad
– Camera
– Tape recorder
– Video recorder
– Digital thermometer
– Chalk
– EMF detector


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    Start by looking for a logical explanation – maybe the door slammed because of a moderate breeze, and maybe it’s the dog that has been knocking over your flower pots. As interesting as it might be to experience something other-worldly, it does not do to get carried away and start deliberately looking for “unusual” incidents – there might be a perfectly logical explanation behind it all.

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    However, it you are convinced that you are dealing with something supernatural here, try researching the history of the location which you believe is haunted. Pull out and examine old records, and speak to past owners and residents. Did anything traumatic take place there, and were there any violent or mysterious deaths that occurred in the vicinity? This might give you a clue about what could be behind the strange occurrences taking place.

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    Next, start paying close attention to the paranormal activity. Look for incidents like unexplained noises, cabinets and doors opening and closing on their own, certain items being moved around or disappearing and reappearing, lights turning on and off, and strange shadows. Animals are also great for detecting paranormal activity, and if you notice dogs, cats or birds acting strange and panicky when in the vicinity, you might get a clue that something odd is going on. More alarming and obvious signs of paranormal activity are hearing cries and whispers, detecting strange smells of cologne or perfume in the air that have no source, witnessing levitating objects, experiencing physical assault on your person, and the ultimate sign – an actual apparition of a ghost or spirit.

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    Once you have witnessed evidence of paranormal activity, it is time to start investigating and documenting in order to gather evidence. Jot everything down in a notepad, and employ technology to assist you in your quest to capture and understand the experience. You can use a simple camera to snap pictures of odd shadows, use a digital thermometer to detect random cold and hot spots in the air, and set up tape and video recorders to capture sounds and video footage. In extreme circumstances, employ an Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) detector, which can record the sounds and voices of ghosts. You can also use simple methods – e.g. if you notice the ghost is particularly fond of moving a particular object around, try drawing a chalk circle around it, and next time it is moved, you will have proof.

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    After you’ve gathered foolproof evidence that there is definite paranormal activity in a particular location, and you are not quite sure what to do about it (particularly if it is in your own house), it’s time to call in the professionals. Enlist the help of a psychic or paranormal investigator in order to detect the spirits and communicate with them, or an exorcist if you want the usual activity to stop.

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