How to Launch a Petition to Congress

If you want to launch a petition to Congress, you should know there are several federal institutes that can be addressed, but the strongest institution in the United States for your petition can be Congress. Congress is the federal legislature and it makes amendments in the law and court system of the United States of America.

People launch petitions to Congress and other government institutes because they are allowed to share their concerns and views with the state, and this is considered to be the one of the bright aspect of true democracy in the modern world.

You can follow these guidelines to prepare and launch an effective petition to Congress.


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    The first and foremost thing is drafting the petition. Drafting your petition means that you have to make a written request that should explain your message or concern clearly and loudly. Art of communication will play the most important role here. Since several people write petitions to Congress just about every day, you need to create a request that will grip the attention of the Congressmen and they will be forced to pay attention to it.

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    Describe the reason why you are making this request or petition. This section may take a few lines as you need to explain why you feel the need to communicate with the Federal legislator. Your description should be concise and clear so that there is no ambiguity in the facts or points you have mentioned in the petition.

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    Make sure that your petition should be backed by facts and relevant information. Remember, Congressmen will not pay attention to the request that has no substance and is without any information and facts. It is wise to mention concerns and grievances of people, but if there are facts presented clearly throughout the petition, the impact will be much stronger and you are likely to get a good response from Congress.

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    Review your petition after you have written it. Have others read it and see if they agree with the points and facts you have mentioned.

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    Use the Internet to let people have a look at your petition and try to get as many signatures from people as you can. You will have to disseminate your petitions like a business promotion plan because the more people you reach, the better the chances of success.

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    Use sources like Petition2Congress on the Internet and launch a petition. The website sends people’s request to Congress members and the website already boasts massive traffic. If your message is backed by facts and is worth considering, people may sing your petition, drawing attention from Congressmen.

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