How to Send Cookies in the Mail

Sending cookies through the mail becomes essential if your child is away at boarding school or in the army, or during holiday season when you want to send Christmas cheers to distant relatives and friends. However, since cookies tend to be delicate, there is the risk of your loved ones excitedly opening the package to reveal a mess of stale crumbs and stray chocolate chips. If you are looking to mail cookies to someone, make sure the cookies remain fresh and intact by obtaining a few necessary tools for the job.

Things Required:

– Cookies
– Tin or other sturdy container
– Plastic wrap, foil or wax paper
– Packing materials
– Tape
– Postage
– Box for mailing cookies (available at the post office)


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    After you have baked the cookies, allow them to cool completely on a wire rack. Cookies that are packed while still warm get unpleasantly mouldy. For the purpose of mailing, it would be prudent to select sturdier cookies that can hold their own while being mailed, such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, sturdy biscotti, and shortbread cookies. Avoid sending cookies that are frosted, or have sticky fillings like jam.

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    Now wrap up the completely cooled cookies tightly in plastic wrap, tin foil, or wax paper. If you anticipate that the cookies might get sticky (e.g. mailing chocolate chip cookies in summer), wrap them up individually.

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    Once they have been wrapped up tight, proceed to place the cookies in a sturdy tin – this will ensure that the cookies will not break, or be crushed as they are transferred through mail. Pack the cookies into the tin closely, and if there is still room leftover in between the cookies and in the tin, add in additional fillings like crumpled paper – this way, the cookies won’t have any room to shake around and break in the tin.

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    Now, put the lid on the tin, and secure it with a couple of strips of tape, so the lid does not come off by accident. Then, place the tin in the cookie-mailing box you obtained from the post office, and fill the remainder of the space in the box with packing materials like bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or packing peanuts. Close and tape up the box, and write on the mailing address in clear, bold letters, stick on appropriate postage, and send the cookies on their way ASAP.

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