How to Get a Criminal Record Check

Nowadays, it is of utmost importance that employers do a criminal background check before hiring anyone. In past, many employers did not consider this of reasonable importance and repented on their decision later. If not thorough, one should perform a standard criminal check on the person he is considering to hire. Of course, you do not want to interrupt your business activities or your calm routine by hiring a wrong person, therefore, it is mandatory that an employer should screen the past of his employees.

In most of the states, doing a strong background check before hiring an individual is compulsory while some relaxation is observed in many states in this regard. For this you can seek help from police, governmental organisations or you can also outsource this from a reliable organisation.

It does not matter, whether you are going to hire someone for your business or you are going to hire a babysitter, you should perform a strong background check on your employee. You can obtain the minimum information free of cost but if you want to run a thorough background check, you will have to pay a certain amount of fee for it.


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    You should have the complete personal information about a person including his full name, address, social security number and date of birth. Remember that, last name plays a crucial role in the authenticity of background check.

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    Go to your search engine and find the websites of criminal record. Find a couple of such websites to ensure a strong check.

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    Go through the websites and match the names that appear on their lists. If the name appears on the list then the information regarding the criminal background would be available. Click on the name and view the information.

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    If name appears, you should compare the information provided to you by the information available on the website. Remember that, there is always a possibility that more than one people can have the same name, thus you should match the other information to make sure that this is the same person.

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    It depends on the need. If you want detailed information, you would have to pay for it. You might have to pay between USD18-USD99.95 and you will be provided all the information about a person from parking tickets to sexual offenses.

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    You should also consider approaching your state’s record as they are often free of charge.

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