How to Get Rid Of Asbestos Roof

If you live in London or any other old European or American city then you can see roofs made with asbestos tiles – also referred as asbestos roofs. They were frequently used before 1970’s for many reasons but right now, the use is minimized as the use of asbestos made stuff e.g. tiles can cause serious health issues and lead to cancer as they are made up of fibrous crystals that are dangerous. Hence it is necessary for every home owner to get rid of asbestos roofs for healthier environment in home and suburbs. You can easily get rid of the asbestos roofs by following easy directions given below.

Things you will need:

-Tyvek suit,
– Goggles,
– Mask,
– Water,
– Detergent,
– Polyethylene bags,
– Yellow asbestos bags,
– Hammer claw,
– Duct tape,
– Tarp,
– Ladder


  • 1

    First thing that comes is your own safety, hence you should wear all the safety equipment including Tyvek suit, goggles, respirator and mask to avoid inhaling asbestos fibres as they are really dangerous when inhaled.

  • 2

    Second step is to create some sort of collecting tarp around the house so that when the asbestos tiles fall, they can be caught in the tarp. After setting a successful tarp, take a ladder and climb up to your roof top.

  • 3

    Now take a mixture of one gallon of water and two tsp. of detergent powder and spray the mixture on your roof thoroughly. It is necessary to stop the asbestos fibres from flying as you break the tiles apart.

  • 4

    Now carefully pull the tiles in smaller sections by making use of hammer claw. You will have to be cautious to avoid breaking the tiles.

  • 5

    Now place the tiles in yellow asbestos bags as it will help you manage them for later use or disposal. If any of the tiles fall off from the roof, the tarp or net around the house will collect it. Once the bag is full, seal the bag with the help of a duct tape and then place it in another polyethylene bag.

  • 6

    Once you are finished with all the tiles, go down and seal the tarp in yellow asbestos bag and then place it in another polyethylene bag.

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    Once you are done with it, it is time to call the community's cleaning team situated in your city. You can ask them for assistance in disposing off the asbestos tiles in a safe and proper way.

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