20 Strange Laws that Actually Exist

Different countries in the world practice unusual laws which we don’t even know about. For instance, did you know that it is not legal to eat a chewing gum in Singapore? Yes, that’s true. Such laws do exist in countries all across the globe. We have actually managed to list down the most absurd laws in the world. Just scroll down and you will most definitely be shocked to see how different countries want their people not to do certain things.


  • 1


    It is illegal for anyone to name a pig Napoleon in France.

    napolean pig
  • 2


    If London is going through a plague and you are suffering from it, it is illegal for you to flag down a Taxi.

    taxi in london
  • 3


    Public displays of affection are absolutely illegal in UAE.

    no pda
  • 4


    You are not allowed to wear any camouflaged clothing in Barbados.

  • 5


    It is illegal for you to run out of gas on a highway if you are travelling in Germany.

    runninng out of gas
  • 6


    You are not allowed to chew gum in Singapore.

    singapre chewing gum
  • 7


    In Victoria, Australia, you cannot change a light bulb without a licensed electrician.

    australia light bulb
  • 8


    In Portugal, you can be arrested for peeing in the ocean.

    peeing in portugal
  • 9


    In Australia, you are not allowed to name an animal which you are going to eat in the future.

    animal you name
  • 10


    It is a crime to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa.

    forgetting birthday
  • 11


    Any doll which has a human face cannot be sold in France. In fact, you cannot even sell a doll which looks like an E. T.

    human doll
  • 12


    You are not allowed to wear swimsuits in public streets if you are living in Barcelona, Spain.

    swimsuit in public
  • 13


    Wearing loud footwear is illegal in Italy.

    footwear in italy
  • 14


    It is illegal for a man above 80 years of age to become a pilot in Turkey.

  • 15


    You can be prosecuted for picking your nose in Israel.

    picking nose
  • 16

    San Salvador

    If a firing squad catches you drunk driving in San Salvador, they can issue you a death sentence.

    drunk driving
  • 17


    It is considered treason if your postage stamp has the queen upside down in England.

    upside down stamp
  • 18


    You are not allowed to die in the Houses of Parliament in England.

    house of parliament
  • 19


    Kissing while the vehicle is moving is illegal in Eboli, Italy.

    kissing and driving
  • 20


    In Thailand you are not allowed to leave your house without your underwear.

    underwear in thailand

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