How to Survive a Hostage Situation

kidnapping has been one of the biggest by products of political unrest in several locations in world, allowing terrorists to gain leverage. Tourists easily become victims of these kidnappings as they get better media attention. Then there is a case people being taken hostages during bank robberies and other such unlawful acts.

If in case you ever get taken as a hostage, then you should not panic. Although, people with deranged minds can never be trusted, you can increase your chances of surviving a hostage situation by adopting a few time tested and recommended techniques. 


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    Stay calm

    Stay calm during a hostage situation. Take deep breath in order to maintain flow of oxygen to the brain and other parts of body. You should think carefully before making any move. Do not look suspicious or move suddenly. If so, captors might think you are escaping or attacking and they might harm you.

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    Do as you are told to do

    You need to comply with the demands of the hostage takers. Be attentive and stay alert all the time. Remember to discard any thoughts of becoming a hero or escaping. These stunts only look great in movies; in real scenarios you might get hurt or even get killed during the process. Keep in mind that terrorists will not think twice before killing you.

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    Address the captors with respect

    Answer precisely and clearly to whatever the captor is asking. You should address them with respect and politely answer their questions. Remember to avoid showing any anger or frustrations.

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    Maintain your dignity

    Keep your dignity in front of the captors. You should not beg, grovel or become hysterical. Also avoid crying in front of them. 

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    Observe the area

    You need to observe the area for any potential escape routes when smoke bombs are used. Stay at your place and get down immediately if and when the rescue team arrives. 

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    Try to communicate with other captives

    In case there are other captives, you should communicate with them as much as is safely possible. Through looking after each other, you will let be able to handle the captivity in a better way.

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