How to Raise Your Social Security Paycheck

People reaching their retirement age or just preparing to retire from their profession, sometimes, want to know if their social security income (SSI) can be boosted.

Old people find it very hard to maintain a decent income. Those with low social security have to save every penny to buy the product of their choice. If you are a retired person, looking to increase social security income, you will be glad to know that you have come to the right place. There are different methods of increasing your SSI. All you have to do is to work your way through the earning years tactfully.


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    People with children under the age of 16, or those who are divorced, are eligible for increased social security income. During your working years, you should consider working hard to increase your average monthly salary. The more salary you are on, the higher will be your social security income when you approach the age of retirement.

    Typically, your local council will consider the time when you earned the most average monthly salary. For example if you started working full time at the age of 30, you might consider working for an extra five years to boost your social security income. When you are at the highest salary, make sure you work the extra years so you can make up for the years of lower income. This course of action can help improve your social SSI benefits significantly.

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    Wait till the last moment to file for benefits. The longer you continue to work after the age of retirement, the better will be your social security paycheck. Therefore if you are eligible for benefits at the age of 60 you should try and work for another five to six years.

    Normally, the regulatory body will increase your benefits by 8 percent on yearly basis for each year you delay your retirement. Therefore, by retiring at the age of 70, you can increase your social security income by almost one third. Do not work after the age of 70 as the benefits do not increase after that.

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    Talk to one of the members of your state office to see if you are eligible for children benefits. People who have disabled children or children under the age of six can get additional income and support.

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