How to Download a Passport Application

All countries have different methods of accepting applications for passports from their citizens. In a majority of cases, you can get the application downloaded from the website of your local immigration services or passport departments. You can fill out these forms online or print a copy of the form, fill out, and then post it or submit it personally to the concerned department. Before downloading an application form yourself, you should be able to know which form is applicable for you.


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    If you are planning to get your first passport, better learn about the procedure of making an application and what documents you will require along with the application. You can look for relevant information on the website of local immigration services or the foreign or interior ministry.

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    Know which form is going to be needed in your case. This will depend whether you are planning to get your first passport, getting it renewed or trying to get a new one because of some damage to the old one or if it is lost.

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    Read instructions how you are required to submit the filled out application form. If it is online, you better fill it out and then upload with a cover letter on the given address of the passport office directly through the submit button.

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    It is better you should fill out the form online, if it is allowed. It will not raise the issue of mistakes and correction, and the option is even better if you have certain writing issues.

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    If you are allowed to fill out the form online, do so and then get it printed. You should print the filled out form only if your are required to post it, send it through an email from personal email account or required to submit it personally to the department.

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    Read the form carefully and fill all the marked sections. Do not leave any box without filling it out. Your application can be turned down if you do not provide complete information or provide wrong information.

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    Make sure you attach all the required documents along with the application form including a reference number that will be given to you at the time of downloading the form. It is written on top of the form.

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    You can submit the filled out form online, and then fulfil the document sending requirement the way the department has asked you. After filling the form just click the submit button and it will be through quickly.

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