How to Fix Access Violation Errors

Receiving an access violation error can be extremely frustrating, since it does not allow you to perform Windows Update successfully and in turn makes the system extremely unreliable. Fortunately Microsoft offers a fix for the problem in the form of a patch fix, which can be conveniently download from the company’s official website.


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    The first thing you need to do is to open your Web browser and get to the Microsoft Support download web page. You can type the URL for the Microsoft website in the address bar of your Web browser and navigate to the download section from there, or you can simply open the Google search engine, type “Microsoft Support download” in the search bar and press enter. Click the very first search result to get to Microsoft Support download web page.

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    Once you have reached the Microsoft Support download web page, search for the patch fix that is compatible with the version of operating system running on your computer. If you have trouble locating the fix, use the search feature on the website to look for it conveniently.

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    After you have located the patch fix, select your Windows version and then click the download link.

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    You will be prompted to confirm whether you want to “Run,” “Save” or “Cancel” the file. Click the “Save” button and then specify the location where you want the file to be downloaded. For maximum convenience, choose desktop as the location for the downloaded file so that you have no trouble searching for it once it is downloaded.

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    It will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, for the patch file to download. Patiently wait for the download to complete.

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    After the download is complete, locate the downloaded file. This is the reason it is most convenient to save the file on the desktop. Double-click the executable file to run it.

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    The installation wizard will guide you through the process. Just keep following the directions to install the fix without any issue.

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