How to Vote for the U.S. President From Abroad

Casting vote for the U.S. President is the right of every individual who is an American national and has come of age. The U.S. government also allows its nationals to cast vote from abroad even if they are living in any country of the world at the time of elections for U.S. President. Being an American national you can cast vote for the U.S. President while living abroad through “Absentee Ballot” which allows individuals to cast their votes from abroad. If you want to know how to cast your vote for U.S. President, then keep reading this post.


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    First of all, you should visit the website of Overseas Vote Foundation which is organized by the U.S. government. It will help you in getting the details about the process of casting vote for the U.S. President from abroad.

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    The Overseas Vote Foundation website is very helpful in providing the most important information regarding the requirements which need to be fulfilled for casting vote for U.S. President from abroad.

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    Then send an online request on this website stating that you want to cast vote through absentee ballot. There are a few variations about the requirements for absentee ballot for different states of America.

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    You should send the request for absentee ballot at least two months before the commencement date of U.S. President elections.

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    You should provide the information required to fill the information portion of absentee ballot. This section requires the details of your complete name, previous address in U.S.A. and your date of birth.

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    If your stay abroad is for an indefinite period then you can vote only for the U.S. President, Vice President  and the senators and representatives of your particular state in America.

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    While living abroad for indefinite period, you cannot cast vote for the local elections which are generally held on smaller level. The reason is that you are not living in your particular state in America at the moment.

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    After voting for a particular candidate for the position of U.S. President, you should put the ballot into an enclosed envelope. Make sure there is no cutting on the ballot.

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    After completing the ballot process, you need to mail it from the post office of your current location. This envelope  can also require additional postage to send overseas because of its size.

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