How to Protect Online Transactions Through the Law

The recent advancements in technology have not only brought benefits to the customers but they have also increased the risks. Similarly, at one end, the integration between internet and banking system has provided the clients with the facility of doing transactions online but this has also increased the risk of theft. Not to mention, technological advances also help in ensuring the secure online transactions and if you have concerns about the safety of your money, you can take appropriate action. It does not matter if you are shopping at mall or bank, you must learn ways to secure your money.


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    Beware of scams

    First of all, you must gain information about the scam sites that try to extract your financial information. You will often receive fake emails and notifications that would require you to update your information but remember that you must never provide any information online. It is strongly advised that you should keep the financial information to yourself and do not share with anybody.

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    Confirm that your credit card is protected with SSL

    You must ensure that your credit card information is protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as this provides ultimate security from the online scammers. Web browsers often intimate about the secure site when you visit it; thus you must ensure that your provider’s site is protected by SSL.

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    Turn on the fraud alert on your credit report

    In order to track your spending and ensure the safety of your money, it is strongly advised that you must turn on the ‘fraud alert’ with your online banking service provider. This will help you stay updated with any suspicious activity that has taken place on your account. You can do this by contacting any of the three credit reporting agencies; TransUnion, Equifax or Experian.

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    Ask your service provider to report unauthorised use

    You can also avail the option of asking your service provider to report unauthorised use of your credit card. By doing so, you will not only safeguard your money but this will also help in tracking down the culprits.

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    Register your complaint

    If you have identified any suspicious activity, it is strongly recommended that you must register your complaint with Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. This agency is responsible for protecting you from any fraudulent activity regarding the online transactions.

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