Top 10 Best Chinese Inventions

China is indeed a great nation with wonderful traditions and values. The people of China are very hard working, and their contribution to almost every walk of life is admirable. As far as the inventions are concerned, the Chinese are the leaders in many fields. Since they have discovered and invented so many important things, it is hard to choose top 10 items.

Chinese have several modern-day innovations to their credit, but it is not a good idea to ignore those discovered by them in the ancient times. From paper to printing, the Chinese have done a lot of good work for the mankind.


  • 1

    Toilet Paper

    It is one of the most used items in our daily routine. But majority of the folks don’t even know that it was discovered by the Chinese. There no hard facts, but it is believed that the toilet papers were first used in 589 BC.

  • 2

    Restaurant Menu

    This contribution cannot be ignored. A restaurant menu sounds a very common item, but you know how much important it is.

    Since the Chinese were the first ones to use paper and printing, they produced the first-ever menu card.

  • 3

    Holistic Medicine

    Chinese  have invented many important medicines. Diet and fitness holds great importance in the Chinese culture. The first book on dieting was published in 1330.

  • 4


    Another terrific Chinese invention is Compass. It is believed that it was done by the Chinese back in 221 BC. The idea of creating compass was based on magnetite – a stone that always points in the north direction when suspended.

  • 5


    The Chinese traditions teach that the loved ones should be treated well even after their death. This idea pushed the nation to use coffins to bury their loved ones. The very first coffin was used in 5000 BC.

  • 6

    Forks and Chopsticks

    You surely use spoons and forks almost every day. These items were invented by the Chinese many centuries ago. Researches show that the chopsticks were first used during the Shang Dynasty in China.

  • 7


    Also known as black powder, the gunpowder was invented by the Chinese during the seventh century. The entire credit goes to a Chinese alchemist, who actually discovered this substance accidently.

  • 8

    Government-Issued Paper Money

    Paper money which is now used by the entire world is another fabulous invention of China. The entire world used to have metal coins before the Chinese presented the idea of paper money in the seventh century.

  • 9


    Chinese are the leaders in printing. The first ever printing press was also manufactured in China. The nation invented the art of printing during 220 A.D.

  • 10


    Man used leafs and stones for writing before the Chinese invented the paper. It was done in the 105 AD. The country is still one of largest producers of paper.

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