How to Mourn a Loved One

The initial shock of the news about a person passing away is quite alarming. Mourning is difficult to do, especially when the other person is close to you. However, through the following guidelines you can get through the process of mourning the passing of a loved one. You need to overcome the grieving process with neither full denial nor a complete breakdown.


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    Refrain from holding your grief in

    You need to acknowledge the loss of your loved one and allow yourself to grieve. Cry your heart out and attend his/her funeral. Keep in mind that attending the burial session or funeral will not only let you grieve with others but will also give you a chance to say goodbye in a proper way to your loved one. 

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    Make arrangements for the funeral

    You should always help in making arrangements for the funeral of your loved one. In case you are not involved in making arrangements for the funeral, then keep a check on the place and timing of the event. Offer assistance to people who are involved in arrangements. In case you have any photos of that person then contribute them to the people involved with the arrangements.

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    Share grief with others

    You should share your grief with others as it will help you lift the burden off your chest. Moreover, they will also get the chance to share their sorrows with you.

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    Write down positive things about the person and share

    Jot down all your memories with this person and share them at the funeral. It is better to take some time out to remember who that person was in your life, how he or she affected you and what they meant to you. This will help you fully understand the depth of your relationship and you will eventually know the things you miss about him/her.

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    Overcome grief by doing something good in return

    You need to overcome grief with a good deed, such as helping someone in need, doing some charitable work or simply calling a friend. You can plan your free time with some activity so you do not fall into depression. Remember: your loved one would never want to see you in such a state.

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