How to Verify Social Security Number

Verifying a social security number is important as it will help you use many facilities as a US citizen. Though this number is given to US citizens and permanent residents but it is also issued to temporary residents. The US Social Security Administration of the United States government issues this number for the purpose to track individuals for social security purposes. Usually people get the card as it has an easy process but when time comes to verify it, they feel many hurdles. However, you can very easily verify you card if you follow some simple guidelines.


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    Verifying through social security administration

    It is one of the few simple ways which you should try verifying social security number. It is also important that you should know all the concerning departments where you need to go regarding verifying a social security number. There are lots of ways which will certainly tell you about different ways to verify your social security number. You can use the internet and visit different types of online forums. You can get many different views from different people who will certainly guide with all small details about verifying your social security number.

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    Registering with the SSVNS

    If you have decided to verify your social security number via Social Security Administration, you will need to register with the SSVNS Social Service Verification Services. You will learn there that the whole process of verifying social security is done by BSO which is better known as Business Services Online. If you do not want to wait in the line, you can always go to the website

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    Filling out the short registration form

    The next important thing is to get a registration form and try to fill it according to the requirements. You will be given two options as either you can fill the form going to the corresponding State office or you can fill the registration form online.

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    Verifying over the phone

    Not only can you go to the State office and filling out the form, you can also verify your social security number calling directly to the state authorities. You can find their number easily on the internet as well.

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