How Crime Scene Investigation Works

It is important that one should understand how a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) works especially if you are looking at a career in law enforcement or forensics. After a crime is reported, the CSI team visits the place and performs their routine work to trace any possible evidence that can be used to trace the culprits. This is the initial phase of collecting forensic investigation and the place where the crime was committed, is sealed temporarily to run the investigation. It does not matter if you are new to the CSI team as you will be required to follow the standard protocol which requires managing, securing, surveying, documenting and collecting evidence from the crime scene.


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    Secure the scene

    After the crime is reported, the CSI team reaches the place as soon as possible and the place is secured by defining a boundary with the tape which has ‘Do not Cross Police Line’ written over it. This helps keep away the people in the neighbourhood or who are walking by the place due to personal reasons. Not to mention, a few police officers are designated around the crime scene tape to restrict people from entering the area.

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    Manage the scene

    After the place is secured from unwanted personnel, it is important that the in-charge of the crime scene should manage it properly. The tasks of the in-charge include keeping control over the logistics and ensuring each person is doing their job. It is important that the in-charge should frequently talk to all CSI members in the crime scene about the progress they have made so far.

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    Survey the scene

    It is imperative that the in-charge should carefully survey the actual spot of the crime. Undoubtedly, the in-charge is much more experienced and trained than the other CSI members; therefore, it is important that he/she should search the crime scene carefully.

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    Document the area

    The spot where the crime is committed should be documented properly before and after the investigation. The purpose of this is to know how the scene looked like when the CSI team entered the area and what evidence was collected.

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    Secure evidence

    All the evidence that has been collected from a particular crime scene should be properly secured in evidence bags.

  • 6

    Release the scene

    After the investigation is complete, the CSI members should release the scene so that it could be used just like before.

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