How to Research Fertility Clinic Success Rates

Infertility is a problem which can cause couples great discomfort and lifelong depression. However, thanks to advancements in medical science, couples no longer have to wait for a miracle as there are several procedures aimed at resolving this problem.

Before opting for a procedure, it is imperative you do thorough research regarding clinics offering Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). These new procedures involve the handling of eggs and sperm.

In the United States, clinics performing ART have to officially submit their success rate data to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on an annual basis.


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    You can begin by reviewing the reports of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the success rate of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies in different clinics all over the country.

    These reports are easily accessible on the internet and you can check the record and location of the clinic in your area by simply entering the zip code.

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    You now need to check for the clinic’s success rate regarding your particular fertility issue. See how many patients have actually had their problems resolved by getting treated in that clinic.

    One thing that you need to remember is that a clinic with the highest success rate might not have had a great deal of success dealing with your particular problem. So tread carefully.

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    You can visit the clinic that you are interested in and inquire about their rate of live births, as this is the best way to assess the clinic’s success. Some clinics include miscarriages and only positive pregnancy tests in their reports, which deceives patients into believing that normal births are included in the success report.

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    Woman’s age, the vitality of the sperm and number of retrieved eggs are key components directly impacting the success of ART procedures.

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    In order to achieve the maximum output from the therapy, couples need to go through several ART procedures. Depending on just a single therapy is not advised.

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    After selecting the clinic because of its success rate, you need to continue to engage the doctors in order to know what procedures you are going through and for how long it will last before any signs of success begin to appear.

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