How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit

When more than one person file a case against a party due to breach of contract or substandard service then this legal action is called class action lawsuit. The basic purpose of a class action lawsuit is to facilitate not only the affectees but also the court as it saves lot of time of judicial officer and money of the plaintiffs.

However, joining a class action lawsuit is not easy as you think rather you will have to take more care of technicalities in this type of litigation. To avoid any blunder you should keep couple of things in mind.


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    Determine the merit of your case:

    Before going into the legal process, you must evaluate the prospects of your case otherwise it will be just a futile exercise. You can seek help from an experienced friend or visit legal websites who can offer you assistance without any fee.

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    Hire a lawyer:

    If you feel that your plea has the strength to make other party accountable then you should look for an experienced attorney. Make sure that your lawyer has a valuable experience of dealing with different class action lawsuits.

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    Find other plaintiffs:

    Next thing you should do is to find potential petitioners. You may use local media for this purpose. Ask your attorney to draft an ad and then get it published to attract more affectees. You will have to make them believe that this class action lawsuit can be beneficial also for them. Tell them that this method will not only save their time but also lessen some financial burden. You can contact them directly or ask your lawyer to notify them about the litigation.

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    Ask others to bring proof:

    Now, when you have got some support, it’s time to prepare your case. Start with gathering valid proof and undeniable evidence. Ask your partners to bring everything they have. Arrange all the facts and then scrutinise them. Though, you can do it yourself but it’s better to ask your lawyer to include or exclude the proofs. Do not build your case on assumptions otherwise getting a successful ruling will be impossible.

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    File your complaint:

    Next thing you will do is to file the complaint. Make sure your attorney is filing the case with complete information. Mention complete names and addresses of both parties. You should give your lawyer enough time to prepare the case and be patient as it will take some time to have your case heard in court.

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