How to Prepare for an Immigration Visa Interview

Whether you are applying for a visa for the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, or any other country in the world, you will be required to not only provide an application with a multitude of documents, but also to sit through a interview that will lead to the final decision about your immigration visa. The immigration visa interview can be dealt with easily if you appear for it prepared. The likes of United Kingdom Border Agency, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, etc. will be all set to scrutinise you through a series of unsettling questions, but you can handle these questions with ease if you have prepared yourself well.


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    Before appearing for your immigration visa interview, it is strongly recommended to have a fake interview beforehand at home. Do a bit of research on the Internet to get an idea about the sort of questions that are normally asked during the interview and then ask a family member or friend to conduct an interview of yours. Answer the questions as you would in the actual situation. Allow your interviewer to throw questions of varying difficulty and complication at you. At the end of the interview, ask your family member or friend to provide feedback on how well you have answered the questions.

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    Make sure you gather all the documents that you have been asked to bring to the interview with you beforehand, so that you do not end up rushing the searching and gathering process at the last minute. You may forget to take some important document with you. If you have been requested to bring along your original documents, put them neatly in a file and carry them with you.

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    The immigration services of many countries makes the applicant complete an online form, asking for the applicant’s personal information, purpose of applying for visa, place where you would reside, etc. Remember to go through this information a few times in order. Your interview may be based on whatever information you provided to the immigration service. There is no better way to prepare yourself for the interview by going through the information and keeping it fresh in your mind.

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    Remember to be calm during the interview. While feeling slightly nervous is okay, you should make sure that it does not hamper with your communication skills.

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