How to Burglar Proof a Guest House

In order to make your house safe from burglars, you need to make it unattractive to them. Simple locks would not keep burglars away from your guest houses as they can easily break it. You need to install different security alarms and take different measures to keep your guest house safe from thieves, burglars and other criminals. Install some low-tech devices in the house to keep it safe. Besides this you can make it harder for burglars to enter the house by taking some measures.

Things Required:

– Security devices
– Home security service


  • 1

    Lock the doors and windows

    Always make sure windows and doors of your guest house are locked. Whenever a guest moves out from the guest house, you need to make sure that all doors and windows are closed.

  • 2

    Install cameras in your house

    You need to install cameras in your guest house. Install inside and outside the house. The burglar will avoid entering the house if he sees cameras.

  • 3

    Let your guest house appeared to be occupied

    You need to let other show that your guest house is occupied. Turn on some small lights in the evening. You can take favour from neighbours for switching on the lights.

  • 4

    Install bars and extra locks

    In case there is a high chance of burglary, you need to install bars over the windows. By this a burglar will need to cut the iron rods before entering through this way. You should also need to install several locks on the doors. Remember to buy high quality and big locks which will make it difficult for burglars to break.

  • 5

    Check the garage doors

    There is a high chance that burglars will enter from garage doors. You need to take special precautions at this area. Install a camera in this area as well. If your extra car is parked in your guest house, keep it locked. You need to take measures for the garage door so it won’t open easily. Place an alarm in the garage and if someone enters without entering the code, the alarm will ring.

  • 6

    Fortify your frame

    Even if you have install doors of high quality, the door frames are merely intact with it. Thus when a crowbar or stick is used, the door is easily opened. It is strongly recommended that you install several three inch screws to the doorstop and frame for making it more secure.

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