How to Collect Fingerprints From a Crime Scene

Collecting fingerprints from the crime scene can be very handy as it is crucial to solving the mystery of who perpetrated the crime or was present when something happened. With the passage of time, criminals have become smarter in escaping the crime scene. Despite the fact that they can alter many physical aspects of their appearance, fingerprints cannot be altered. Therefore, it is important that you should be vigilant while collecting evidence especially when it comes to the fingerprints.

Things Required:

– Gloves
– Powder
– Transparent tape
– Collection bags


  • 1

    Gather items

    It is necessary that you should bring the important items to collect the evidence, which includes gloves, powder, transparent tape and collection bags.

  • 2

    Do not allow unauthorised personnel to enter the crime scene

    Once the crime has been reported, it is important that you should never allow any unauthorised personnel to enter the crime scene. Such individuals might compromise the situation of a crime scene or their inexperience can become an issue when trying to solve the case. Therefore, you must keep full control over the crime scene and strictly restrict any person from entering the premises.

  • 3

    Carefully examine the crime scene

    It is important that you should closely look for different types of evidence at the crime scene. Analysing the situation and place will help you gather fingerprints and other items of importance. It does not matter how shrewd the culprits are, you can always find fingerprints if you look in the right place. For example if it is a robbery, you should look for the signs of forced entry and you might get fingerprints from doors or windows. If anything was eaten at the crime scene, it is a good idea to make a note it as well. Remember it is very important that you wear the proper gloves otherwise you will end up tampering the evidence.

  • 4

    Use powder

    If you find any prints on the table or somewhere else, it is strongly suggested that you should throw a little powder as it will make the fingerprints stand out. Now, you should place the tape over it and paste it for a while and then pull it back slowly. This will give you nice impression of the fingerprint on the piece of tape.

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