How to Get Involved in Social Justice

The society is marred with social injustices and illnesses in almost all spheres of live. This has made the need to practice social justice more than ever before. For example, voices are arising in favour of economy serving people rather than people serving economy, for the sake of artificial growth numbers. You an practise justice and facilitate others to live in a as much as just environment as a person can be. For example, having respect for all segments of the population, even children, can help sustain theĀ  just community concept.


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    Learn the true meanings of social justice, which is equality in distribution of resources as per need of each individual, not just distribution of equal amount of sources among all individuals. For example, a grown-up person's food need is greater than a child, and you should serve each of the two as per their requirement, not just treat them equally. If you distribute one bread to each of the two, one is likely to stay hungry while other will waste the food.

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    Be compassionate about others. You can enjoy your life to a certain extent and should not go to an extent that it deprives others of required resources. Be considerate about others' needs as much as you are about your enjoyment, let alone your need.

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    If you have some knowledge about a particular subject or skills, share them with others. This can improve quality of their lives and they can catch up with the life activity with better segments of the society.

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    Participate in the electoral process of your country and elect representatives who are willing to sever all segments of the society justly. Election of corrupt people is one of the major contributory factors in creating unjust social structure. So avoid electing such people to the representative houses.

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    Always stand for the truth and justice, not matter if you have to offer some price for it. It will always make you feel proud of yourself and you will also gain in confidence. Being a part of lie or wrong scheme can make one always regretful after they come to realization that they have done something that has caused hurt and loss to another person.

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    Always try to be within your resources. An overspend of resources can also lead to creation of unjust societies. This in fact is led from an element of greed. So make sure you spend as much as it is enough to serve your need, and this will make available ample resources for others. Today, the world is experiencing shortage of many sources because some people are consuming more than their due share and this is causing hardships for others.

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