How to Speak with Your Prosecutor

It does not matter if you are being charged for something major or just for a minor offence, it is of considerable importance that you should speak with your prosecutor in a reasonable manner. The lack of know-how about the courtroom and the people with it has made lives difficult of many people. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you speak with your prosecutor in a respectful manner. People often find it hard to initiate the conversation with their prosecutor in a proper manner but with a little help, you can easily accomplish your goal.


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    Know which judge is hearing your case and where

    It is of considerable importance that you should have the knowledge regarding the proceedings of your case. You must have the information of where your case is going to be heard and in front of which judge. If you do not know about this, then you must visit the court and ask the security personnel and he will be able to guide you to the person who can give you that information. Once again, you must talk to him in a reasonable tone and the guard will be more than happy to give you the required information.

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    Follow his instructions

    It is important that you follow guard’s instructions and head in the direction he asked you to. Most probably, he will send you to the attorney’s room which is located near the courtroom and you will find all attorneys and prosecutors there. You can ask them about the clerk and enquire about your case timings, date and place.

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    Be there at least few hours before the proceeding

    After you have gathered details about your case, it is strongly suggested that you coordinate with your prosecutor and be there a few hours before the proceeding. This will provide you more opportunity to talk into the prosecutor and creating his interest in your case. Keep in mind that it is prosecutor’s duty to defend your case but he/she is not your servant, so you must give him respect.

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    Talk to him/her honestly

    It is of significant importance that you should talk to your prosecutor in an honest way. You must be able to talk to her openly about all the concerned matters and do not hide anything. Not to mention, you should also prove yourself to be a reasonable person and try to meet her expectations.

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