How to Subscribe to ReplayTV PC Edition

ReplayTV was something that stunned the world as you can store your favourite program on an internal hard disk of a digital video recorder while the term “ReplayTV PC Edition” is also a brand of DVR. People loved it when it appeared for the first time as they started to enjoy their favourite programs whenever they wanted. A later invention was ReplayTV’s new ReplayTV PC Edition which was linked to your personal computer as a digital video recorder. Though the new edition was similar to the previous one but it has many options to give more quality to customers.


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    ReplayTV PC Edition

    With the arrival of ReplayTV PC Edition people were happy that now they will be able to watch their favourite programs without any hesitation. It is also important to understand that before ReplayTV PC Edition, most sports lovers had to suffer but with the arrival of this unique box, sports fans started appreciating the ability to watch some of the big games live even after they were telecast. People started to buy the package from the company which initially included $100 software package along with annual fee of $20. ReplayTV Electronic Program Guide will also help you install the software. Though the monthly fee includes TiVo charges for their services. The company is also providing TV PVR tuner cards which are essential to control the set top box and make it compatible with analog and some digital cable or satellite set-top boxes.

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    ReplayTV PC Edition interface

    ReplayTV PC Edition’s interface is quite simple and straightforward. You will easily understand its interface which is simple to use. Some say that sometime while operating the box you might face some complications but overall it is very user friendly and you should make the most from the monthly offer.

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    Jumping-off point for accessing recorded shows

    According to experts, ReplayTV PC Edition's home screen is the jumping-off point for accessing many different recorded shows. After subscribing to ReplayTV PC Edition, you will also be given a password to operate the parental guidance on your box.

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    Specify up to five custom recording settings

    It is up to you as to how you want to customise the recordings but you will find a built in restriction of up to five custom recordings.

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