How to File a Copyright Application

A copyright application should be the first thing to do in order to secure possession of your creativity. Not to mention that when a person innovates or creates something, he/she automatically gains the copyright over it but to safeguard your item, you must never underestimate the importance of filing for a copyright. There are several advantages of protecting your ideas, concepts or other items through copyright laws. This makes it difficult for other people to use the same theme, idea or item without your approval as you hold the rights to charge a certain amount of money for that purpose.


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    Check if your work can be copyrighted

    In order to save the headache and unnecessary costs, it is strongly advised that you should first check if your work can be copyrighted or not. It should be noted that you can secure copyrights of things that fall in the category of multimedia work, recipes, visual arts, books, musical compositions etc. It is important to check in which category your work falls as it will be easier to see if some other person has secured the copyrights for something similar.

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    Visit the US Copyright Office

    You must confirm the category of your work and for this, you can visit the nearest US copyright office. Not to mention, your paperwork will be carried out in the same office. You should talk to the officials at the copyright office as they will help you figure out the exact category for your item.

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    Contact the Washington copyright office

    After you have consulted with the office in your locality, you must bring it to the knowledge of US copyright office in Washington. It is necessary to send a request for an application of the copyrights.

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    Fill the form and pay the processing fee

    After you have obtained the form from the Washington office, it is important that you should provide complete details otherwise you can be held accountable for deceiving the office. Not to mention, you must pay the processing fee of $20 while submitting your form along with a copy of your work.

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    Wait for your certificate

    You will be provided a certificate within 180 days of your application. Therefore, you should wait for it and collect your certificate whenever you are notified from the office.

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