How to Sweep a Chimney

Chimneys need to be cleaned for the efficient working of the fireplace. If cleaning chimneys is overlooked then not only the fireplace is affected but also it may lead to a chimney on fire. It is because a black substance called ‘Creosote’ starts forming as a result of combustion and if left unclean it starts building up inside the chimney. As a result the chimney starts getting clogged and there is no room left for ventilation. This leads to the accumulation of carbon mono oxide fumes in the house. So it is essential to sweep your chimneys before it’s too late.
There are many ways to sweep the chimney at your own. But the safer and hygienic method is the one in which you start the cleaning operation from the chimney top as this will keep the dangerous fumes from entering into the respiratory tract.

Things Needed:

– Chimney brushes
– Flexible Rods
– Vacuum Cleaner
– Wire brush
– Spare Blanket
– Flashlight
– Ladder
– Old Clothes
– Goggles
– Face mask


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    Pulling down the damper handle:

    Next, locate the damper handle by coming a little closer to the chimney from the fireplace. Pull the damper down. Now the chimney passageway is opened.

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    Assessing the chimney passageway:

    Now as you have opened the flu, its time to assess the areas where the creosote is gathered most. First check it from the fireplace side and then mount up the chimney top and check it from there.

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    Sealing off the fireplace:

    After checking the chimney passageway, the next step is to cover the fireplace with a wet blanket. So take any spare blanket and damp it by spraying water with the help of sprinkler. Now hang it by putting some weights on the four corners. This will protect the area around the chimney from getting grubby with soot during our chimney sweep operation.

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    Cleaning the Chimney:

    After mounting the top you can now perform the clean up operation. So insert the brush into the chimney and work in upward and downward strokes. Now keep on attaching flexible rods in order to clean it till the end.

    Once you have cleaned the chimney, go down by the ladder and back to the fireplace. Reach inside of the chimney from the fireplace. Now clean the sides with the help of a wire brush by working in circular strokes.

    Your chimney clean up operation ends here.

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    Final Cleanup:

    Now that you have cleaned the chimney, its time to clean the room. So take off the blanket from the fireplace. In addition to this look out for the creosote that might have gathered around in the room using a vacuum cleaner.

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