How to Focus Chi Energy

Among the people who care about their mental and physical health, there is a remarkable growth of interest in the discipline and teachings based on the integrity of the human person and his unity with nature. Followers of yoga, Taoist, Buddhist practice and learn to awaken a body healing energy “Chi” after using a variety of methods.

Some people believe that Yoga can be a simple way to invocate the inner energy of body and some think otherwise. However, Yoga is a doctrine that includes a set of mental and physical exercises that focus on the work of purifying the soul and body.

It is a voluntary relationship, when a man enters into a relationship with himself, working on his body, mind and breath. It is also one of the spiritual path of liberation from attachment to worldly desires but the original purpose of yoga is to improve their body.

Today, yoga has become very common and popular activity as compared to the folk remedies used for Chi energy. But few people know how to evoke the inner energy through this less popular method.


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    Healing energy, Chi, can be awakened in any person regardless of religion and origin. This energy exists since the sperm penetrates the egg. The continuous flow of energy in the human embryo is continuous and it ties together the functioning of the human brain with the organs and tissues of the body and the personality of the man himself - with the surrounding nature.

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    Growing up, many people lose the continuity of the energy flow, because the channels, through which energy moves, they get clogged, blocked due to mental and physical stress. Unhealthy way of living and lack of regular exercise open up the channels of energy leading to the fact that they overlap and can cause nervous stress and premature failures in the body and ageing. To awaken the energy, you want to open your energy channels, return to a state of dynamic energy circulation.

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    Powerful way of unity of intellectual and physical energy in the human beings is meditation but it can only be used by trained people. Taoist teaching offers a gradual transition in which a person first unlock the blocked channels and begins to produce its own energy using natural external energy and hovering around his physical body.

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