How to Get a National Insurance Number

According to the UK law, every citizen over the age of 16 must obtain his/her National Insurance Number; you must be in a possession of a unique and valid national insurance number to be able to get and continue your job. This identification is mainly used by human resource department of the company to record your NI contributions, regardless of how much money you are making on an annual basis. These contributions are eventually counted towards your eligibility for social benefits and pension scheme. Follow some simple steps and techniques given below to get your National Insurance number in the Great Britain.

Things Required:

– Passport
– Driving License
– Travel documents


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    Before doing anything else, you will be required to give a call to the Job Centre Plus helpline, dedicated  for National Insurance number approval and allocation. Residents of the UK, already receiving child benefits, will automatically get a unique national insurance number for their child as well. NI cards are usually sent at the registered address before your child turns 16.

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    Next, consider attending the identity check interview which is mainly conducted at your regional job centre plus office. The Evidence of Identity interviews are designed to learn how and where the applicant lives and works in the UK. People, who are not good at speaking English, can take an interpreter with them.

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    Be prepared to provide personal information at the time of interview. The interviewer will ask you questions such as why you want to obtain a National Insurance number and do you have job offer already. If you are still in search of a job, you can take a proof with you, showing that you are actively hunting for it. It is recommended to take copies of applications and rejection letter with you as a proof.

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    Take several identity documents with you including bank account confirmation letters, passport and driving license. Prepare a file for keeping all these documents when the date for your interview has been arranged.

    It is recommended to take real documents with you. Photocopies of identity objects such as passport and driving license are not accepted any more. Asylum seekers and international students are also required to provide proof of identity to obtain their national insurance number.

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