Top 10 Best Spy Agencies in the World

Arguably, intelligence agencies have become the first defensive line of every country. Though, some have negative views about these secret services but still there is no doubt in that these agencies ensure and maintain a climate of peace in the homeland.

Often their operations are covert and controversial but these intelligence agencies make sure that nobody can harm their national interests. Almost every major country of the world has such an organisation and they have a certain degree of success. Keeping that in mind, it will be really interesting to evaluate them to determine the top agencies in the world.


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    Australia – ASIS:

    This intelligence agency was established back in 1952 and their basic responsibility was to collect information about the threats against Australians and devise a strategy to overcome any potential trouble. It worked so efficiently that even the Australian government did not know about its existence for many years.

  • 2

    India – RAW:

    During first two Indo-Pak wars there was no solid source of information for the military and establishment so Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was formed in 1968 in New Delhi, India. The motive behind this intelligence agency was to provide important information and keep all the relevant authorities in the loop.

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    France – DGSE:

    The General Directory for External Security is the premier intelligence agency of France and it was established in 1982. The head of the agency reports to the Ministry of Defence and its major responsibility is collaborating with the national security agency to counter all threats. According to reports, it has around five thousand employees all over the world.

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    Russia – FSB:

    After the fall of the USSR, the Federal Security Service was established as the successor to the KGB and NKVD. It is said that this agency has over 350,000 employees across the globe.

  • 5

    Germany – BND:

    Established in 1956, the BND of Germany has become one of the most efficient intelligence agencies in the world. It has over 6000 employees that collect data regarding the security of the country.

  • 6

    China – MSS:

    Though, this intelligence agency is strictly focused towards the internal security of China but still it is respected as one of the top agencies in the world. It is all due to its effectiveness at getting the job done.

  • 7

    Israel – Mossad:

    A controversial but highly efficient intelligence agency, Mossad started its journey back in 1949. It has two major organs, the Amam and the Shin Bet. It is famous for its successful covert operations all over the world.

  • 8

    Pakistan – ISI:

    Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was formed in 1948 to be the eyes and ears of the Pakistan army during the Indo-Pak wars. This agency has launched many successful operations against top agencies like RAW and the KGB.

  • 9

    The United Kingdom – MI6:

    Probably the oldest of all the British Secret Services is undoubtedly one of the most efficient intelligence agencies of the world. With an experience of over a century, it has a long trail of successful operations all over the world.

  • 10

    The United States of America – CIA:

    CIA was established in 1947 and it has become the largest and the most successful intelligence agency in the world. It not only devises counterattack strategies but it also takes part in the policy making process.

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