Top 10 Renewable Alternate Sources of Energy

With the extinction of fossil fuel, alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly important. Non renewable sources include the fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas which are in limited quantity and their reserves can deplete one day. There is an increasing focus on development of alternative technologies because of the power crisis as non-renewable sources are unable to meet our ever expanding demands.


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    Nuclear energy:

    Nuclear energy has great potential due to the large amount of energy it can produce. Uranium is used in a nuclear reaction and there are abundant reserves of it. It can however create an environemental havoc in case their is a leakage in the plant.

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    Wave energy:

    Wave energy captures the power of fast flowing waves. This energy is feasible for coastal regions. It does need sophisticated technology; is waste free and can generate adequate energy.

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    Bio fuels:

    Bio fuels like bio diesel, ethanol, methanol are sources of energy which are much more eco- friendly than fossil fuels. They do not contribute to pollution and their sources can be regrown so they are a renewable option.

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    Tidal energy:

    A large part of the earth is covered with water. Knowledge of the tidal cycles in water can help trap the tidal energy. It is an affordable, safe and rewarding option for generating energy.

  • 5

    Radiant energy:

    Radiant energy sources include gamma rays, x-rays and visible light. These sources can be used in energy generation for radiometry, heating, lighting, health inspection and for many other purposes.

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    Geo-thermal energy:

    Geo thermal energy makes use of the heat of volcanoes, hot springs and geysers to generate energy. This energy is renewable but can only be harnessed at specific locations where the sources are available.

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    Bio mass energy:

    Bio mass energy uses wood, hay and other agricultural waste which can be burnt for energy. The energy is used for generating heat.

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    Hydro energy:

    Hydro energy uses the power of moving water to turn turbines and generate electricity in a hydro power station. Such stations need initial investment but are worth it due to mega energy production levels, zero pollution and renewable factor of water.

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    Wind energy:

    Wind turbines consists of specially designed blades, and use the motion of the wind to turn and generate energy. Wind energy is a very promising field with many successful applications. It is a renewable source and the energy is safe, renewable and clean.

  • 10

    Solar energy:

    The heat energy of the sun rays is trapped and converted to other forms of energy like electricity. Mostly solar panels are used to concentrate the rays at one point and trap the energy. It is one of the most widely used alternative energy options.

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