Top 10 Reasons you Must Donate Stuff

One really should not search for a reason to donate. It is such a great thing to do that one should search for an opportunity to donate stuff to charity or to the needy. There is so much poverty in the world, so many people who are not as privileged as you, which makes it your moral obligation to help them out and do whatever you can for them. Donating stuff, even the one that is old or you no longer use, will not only earn you respect, but will also make you feel extremely good about yourself.

If you still need a bit of convincing to part with your stuff for the greater good, then there is a long list of reasons that may help you understand why donating stuff is good.


  • 1

    Spiritual peace

    Doing something good fills up a person with inner happiness and peace. You will find yourself attaining spiritual peace if you donate your stuff to the under-privileged.

  • 2

    Receive God’s blessing

    God loves those who love His creation. If you are kind to the people and go out of your way to help them out by giving them something that you own, then God would surely shower you with his blessing.

  • 3

    Helps a person in moving on

    If there are things that remind you of an ex or a dead beloved, then it is best to part with those things. Since they are invaluable to you, you cannot just throw them away. The best thing to do in such a situation is to give them to someone who can use them.

  • 4

    Make space for new stuff

    In order to create more space for the new stuff that you buy, you will find yourself compelled to do away with the old stuff that you own such as clothes, books, shoes, etc. The best thing to do about the stuff that you need to get rid of is to donate them to the under-privileged.

  • 5

    Make the under-privileged happy

    One really does not need a reason to make others happy. The mere sight of joy on the face of an under-privileged person when you donate a possession to him is a huge reward in its own.

  • 6


    There are certain things that a person must do out of moral obligation. Nobody can force you to donate stuff. It is entirely a personal choice. However, your conscience would feel at ease if you donate stuff.

  • 7


    It is a responsibility of privileged people to help those who are not as blessed as them. You should look for people who can do with your help and donate stuff to them.

  • 8


    You should try to understand their feelings and imagine how you would have felt if you were in their place.

  • 9

    Brothers and sisters

    We are all off-springs of Adam and Eve, which makes us brothers and sisters. Keeping this in mind, you should try helping others out by being generous with your stuff.

  • 10

    Take care of others

    You should take care of others instead of turning away from those who are not blessed as you. Do not let caste, creed, or anything of that sort come in the way of your love for humanity.

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