Top 10 Scary Ways to Call Ghosts

Ever since you are a child, people keep telling you different ghost stories in order to scare you. There are quite a few people, who believe that no such thing as ghost exist in this world and it is nothing more than human imagination.

However, others claim that they have seen ghosts on numerous occasions and even have had a conversation with them. Moreover, they believe that there are different methods of calling ghosts. Below are some of such techniques, which you should only perform, if you have a strong heart.


  • 1

    Ouija board

    You must have heard about different board games, which are played for entertainment. However, the Ouija board has got nothing to do with fun, as it is developed to summon ghosts. You must have seen it in different Hollywood flicks too, as it is quite famous. It is popularly known as the spirit board.

  • 2

    Haunted house

    There is no better place than a haunted house to call a ghost. Although there is no clear evidence of the existence of such buildings, yet people believe them to be real.

  • 3

    Crystal gazing

    Another way of calling a ghost is by gazing into a crystal ball. Although this method is used to make predictions, yet some people claim that they are been able to communicate to ghosts through it.

  • 4

    Table turning

    This one of the most modern techniques used to ask questions to spirits and ghosts. This activity is performed by a group of people and they get a response through the tipping of the table.

  • 5

    Staring into a mirror

    This method is almost similar to crystal gazing. It is preferably performed at midnight.

  • 6

    Visiting a graveyard

    Some people believe that they can catch or connect with a ghost by visiting any graveyard at night.

  • 7

    Stay in Magnetic Hills for a while

    If you can afford travelling, you should visit the Magnetic hills in Ontario, which are said to be haunted. Even if you fail to come across a ghost, you will get a spooky feeling until you are there.

  • 8

    Drive in Balete drive

    Another place, which is said to be haunted, is the balete drive in Philippines. Some people claim that they have witnessed ghosts on this street, but there is no such evidence related to it.

  • 9


    While performing this trick, you might go into a trance, which will require you to get a support from another person, as he/she will record your conversation with the ghost.

  • 10

    Say a spell

    There are some particular spells, which are used to summon spirits, but you need to learn them carefully in order to get positive results.

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