How Do Smart Managers Build Efficient Teams

It’s not easy being a manager.

There is a boss on the top, who is relentlessly asking you to give more and more output with whatever resources you have at your disposal and then there are the subordinates who will never be happy no matter what you do. The main problem is that people within an organization come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity and upbringing and moulding them towards one common goal is not an easy job. Keeping all of them happy and motivated is an entirely different matter.

Yet, we see many cases, where managers have successfully managed to achieve success in the past under trying circumstances.  The key to this is to promote a culture of flexibility and intelligent manipulation among your people and in return give them recognition and benefits which they deserve.

There are several keys to that;


  • 1

    Place the Right Pieces at the Right Place

    The first and the most important step towards building efficient teams is to get your placements right. Consider management as puzzle and success can never be achieved if the right pieces are not placed at the right place. Every employee has some strengths and weaknesses. Bifurcate your goal into different parts and see categorize the skills required for each part. The next step is bracket employees according to those skills. Don’t waste your time in teaching new things to your team. They will never learn them in time and as a manager you will have to face the heat.

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    Establish Your Identity right at the Start

    As a manger, you will definitely have a unique style of working. May be you are a person, who only needs solutions, may be you are someone who gets involved a lot with the employees every step of the way or maybe you are someone, who can adapt according to the nature of the project at your disposal.  Whatever your ground rules are, they should be immediately relayed to your team so that the operations don’t come with surprises.

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    Encourage Transparency

    Always let the team see the whole picture and come up with issues which are bugging them as a team. If there is a weak link, it is the job of the team to point him or her, and the possible reasons behind that, out.

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    Have Their Back

    Your team should always know that as a manger, you are trying your best to work for their benefits and are defending them in front of the higher up. This is the biggest incentive you can give them. Off course bonuses, raises and appreciation are also important.

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