How to Become a Sports Lawyer

Become a Sports Lawyer: The field of sports law is still pretty much new. Not many law students prefer becoming sports lawyer since the field is not a very traditional one. However, the new generation has shown quite some interest in this field recently.

More and more young lawyers want to go for sports law. Remember, becoming a sports lawyer is not so different from becoming any other type of lawyer. There are just a couple of things you would have to follow to reach the destination.

If you love sports and enjoy negations, sports lawyer could be a dream job for you. earn yourself a bachelor’s degree, tough it through three years of law school and get ready to sign yourself big deals.

Before you really decide i have provided a outline below you can follow to become a Sports Lawyer.


  • 1

    First and the foremost, obtain a law degree. In most cases, a law degree would be enough to support you with your cause. Without a law degree, there is no way you can dream of becoming a sports lawyer.

  • 2

    Specialise in spots law. Not many universities offer sports law as a specialisation subject. If you university does, make sure you go for it. In case it does not, you can opt for courses that somehow relate to sports law.

  • 3

    Be a media man. Indeed, becoming a sports lawyer has a lot to do with being a person who can speak in front of the camera. You will often see sports lawyer in interviews and press conferences, defending their clients and the like. You need to have such capabilities in order to become one.

  • 4

    Gain experience as a sports lawyer by joining a sports law firm or working with a sports lawyer. Again, you might not find a lot of specialised sports law firms. Your best bet would be to work with firms that mostly take up cases of sportsmen.

  • 5

    Make sure you keep progressing as a sports lawyer. Keep opting for certifications in the field to gain an edge over others. Since the field is relatively young, there would be many competitors in your way. You have to make sure you stand out of the crowd.

  • 6

    Remember, sports lawyer is different from a sports agent. While sports agent do take care of cases related to sportsmen but are mainly there for promotion, sports lawyers are just specific to their duties.

  • 7

    You need to be an entertainer to become a sports lawyer. If you are a person who does not like being involved in media stories then probably sports law is not for you.

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