How to Become an ACLU Lawyer

The ACLU is the abbreviation of American Civil Liberties Union which was formed in 1920 and it main function is to provide people with the protection of civil liberties. Among the civil liberties, the national emergency also is included. The responsibilities of an ACLU lawyer are that he dedicates his efforts to provide protection to the rights of other people.

The importance of ACLU lawyer cannot be denied in any civilized society like in America as he plays a vital role in earning people their rights and liberties against those who want to deny these basic human rights. He holds paramount importance in running the society in a smooth manner and helps those people who are deprived of the basic human rights in America.

Becoming an ACLU is not difficult thing as you can also grab this law degree by completing the required education. If you want to join this field and do not know how to become an ACLU lawyer, then keep reading this informative post.


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    First of all you need to find out the education institute or a law school that offers the degree of ACLU. Try to find the most reliable and well reputed institute and take admission in it.

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    However, before taking admission, make sure that you have passed the Law School Test (LSAT) as a good score in this test will help you in becoming eligible to be admitted in a law school.

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    Also make sure that the law schools you are applying for should be recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA).

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    Take the majors of criminal justice, pre-law and political science as these courses will help in having better understanding of the society and its laws.

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    If you want to practice law in a particular jurisdiction, then you have to take the bar exam comprising on many tests which will enhance your qualification and knowledge. You can also take these exams from your birth state.

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    After completing the degree, you should apply to join an established law firm or you can also start practicing privately. You can do it in both ways as there is no compulsion.

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    However, one thing is certain that you cannot make a huge amount as ACLU will earn you a supplemented income because ACLU usually works on volunteers.

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    Now that you have completed your education and have passed bar exams as well, go to the local ACLU and apply to become a lower for the legal division.

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